Man Riding E Bike Bicycle In City. Electric Bike In Summer

With growing concern about the environment, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. E-bikes can help people get around while reducing their environmental impact, but they also come with risks.

What You Should Know about Owning an E-Bike

An electric bike runs on a battery that has to be recharged periodically. If you own an e-bike, you’ll have to do more planning than you would with a car. 

In most areas, you’re usually not far from a gas station, but finding a place to charge an electric bike can be a bit of a challenge. Before you set out on a trip, you’ll have to make sure that the battery is charged enough to get you where you need to go or figure out where you can recharge it along the way.

Like a traditional bicycle, an e-bike is exposed to the elements. Riding an electric bike can be fun on a warm, sunny day, but it won’t be practical in extreme temperatures or on days when it’s raining or snowing. You’ll need another mode of transportation.

Riding an e-bike in an area with heavy vehicular traffic can be dangerous, especially if there is no designated bike lane. Since an electric bike doesn’t have a protective shell, seatbelt, or airbag, you can get seriously injured or killed if you’re involved in a collision with a car.

Theft is another common problem with electric bikes. Since they’re small, portable, and valuable, they’re appealing to thieves. You’ll have to store an e-bike in a secure location when you’re not using it.

Insurance Coverage for Electric Bikes

If you decide to purchase an e-bike, you’ll need appropriate insurance coverage. Contrary to what you might think, your car insurance policy may not cover an e-bike. You might be able to get the coverage you need through your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Petruzelo Insurance has a team of professionals who can help you find the right coverage for your needs. We’ll discuss your goals and help you find one or more policies with the appropriate types and amounts of coverage and premiums that fit your budget. 

Bundling multiple policies can help you keep your total insurance costs down. You might be eligible for other discounts that can save you even more money.

Shopping around for insurance on your own can be a time-consuming task. We can quickly obtain quotes from several leading insurers and find the right coverage for you. Contact us today to get started.