Electric Car

As consumers focus more on clean energy, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on roadways. Although EVs can help reduce pollution, they pose unique challenges for firefighters.

How an Electric Vehicle Can Catch Fire 

An electric vehicle has lithium-ion batteries that are stored inside a watertight and fire-resistant box. Even though the box is durable, it’s no match for the extreme conditions associated with a hurricane or flood. 

If water gets inside the box, it can cause battery cells to corrode and fail, which can spark a fire. A fire won’t necessarily break out right away. A battery cell can fail and catch fire anywhere from days to months after the initial damage occurs. 

Why Fighting an EV Fire Is So Difficult

If electric vehicle batteries get damaged, that can cause a thermal runaway. When that happens, an increase in temperature accelerates the process and causes the release of energy, which increases the temperature even more. 

Electric vehicle fires are particularly challenging for firefighters to deal with. If it’s possible to move an EV away from other flammable objects, firefighters can simply let the fire burn itself out. 

If that’s not an option, firefighters might have to spend several hours pouring copious amounts of water on a fire to extinguish it. After the fire has been put out, it’s possible for it to reignite later.

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