With a new school year now underway for children across the state, the 202-2021 academic year looks different than anything before. Many districts are offering mixed in-class and at home learning while others have given parents the option to homeschool their children completely.

Whichever has become your new norm, the fact that your child will need an accommodating space for more than a quick homework session has likely been a topic of discussion in the home.

Rather than dedicating an entire room to classroom studies, or if you simply do not have the extra space, here are some homeschool desk ideas to keep you organized and that work for small spaces.

Choose a Space

The first step to getting homeschool desk set-up is to choose a space. The best location will be quiet and away from the other noise and distractions in the home so they can concentrate on their school work. If you already own a desk or want to pick one up second hand, it could be added against a wall in the corner of a room with some focus materials in front of your child. Depending on the height of a table and chair in your home you could also create the desk space in one area of the formal dining room for example. What’s important is that it becomes “the” space where play mode is turned off and learning caps come on.

Stock Up on Supplies

Your child will need some basic supplies for their school work. Pens, pencils, paper and rulers and calculators are great items to start with. Some of the basics you would have sent them to school with can instead be placed in a dedicated pencil box by the homeschool desk for easy access. While you’re at it, don’t forget to also check what technologies will be required for learning. A laptop with basic internet, email and document typing may be the standard. This device, if not supplied by the school district may also need to have video camera functionality so that your child can connect to the remote classroom and stream their instructor.

Keep Organization Top of Mind

Since you’ll be introducing new paper work and supplies into your home, you’ll need a plan for organization too. Closet space or a neat box to tuck away the paper work and materials when the space is not being used for school will keep it from getting lost or forgotten. As we work through this new way of learning it’s important to come together with educators and other parents for ideas that make the process streamlined and efficient.