A Package Is Left By The Side Door O A Residential House In Dece

The holiday season is here and in the midst of the hustle and bustle to shop, get gifts and arrange for any gatherings, it’s important to be vigilant about security.

Porch pirates are an issue year-round – especially now as we’re all shopping online more and using home delivery services. But in particular, around the holidays these thieves will prey on vulnerable homes that they recognize are leaving packages outdoors and easy and grab and take.

While we all would like to think the common good exists and it’s the holiday season so there is no reason to steal, it’s an unfortunate reality that people will take your things if you do not secure them.

If you’re at work all day, or packages are delivered at odd times, you may struggle to retrieve them in time. Here are some tips you can use to stop porch pirates this holiday.

Use an Amazon Locker or Office Delivery

If you know you will not be home to bring your packages indoors after they’re delivered it makes sense to think about an alternate method. Amazon Lockers are an alternate location for shipping and once a package is ready for pickup, customers receive an e-mail with a unique 6 digit code used to remove the package from the designated slot at this location.

Turn On Lights & Cameras

If you will be home, it can still be easy for thieves to come onto your porch and grab packages without you seeing – especially now that it’s getting dark out as early as 4 PM. You should ensure your porch is well lit. Turn any motion-activated spotlights toward to porch and be sure they work and are bright. When they activate as a thief approaches it may be enough to scare them away – or at least give you a look at who the perpetrator is.  Ring devices and other video monitoring can also be helpful for this.

Get Text Alerts

A great way to stay on top of package location and deliveries is to sign up for text alerts from your local carrier or merchant. These are delivered right to your phone and can tell when an item is in transit, expected to arrive, and even when it’s been dropped off. These alerts are helpful to run home and grab them, or even arrange for a trusted friend or neighbor to retrieve them for you so they are not left outdoors.