If you’re asking yourself whether or not your business will be prepared if a large hurricane makes its way through you’re not alone. This year, which was predicted to be a very active hurricane season across the nation, is already showing proof of that. Hurricane Isaias left many in Connecticut without power for days. And with the height of the season just around the corner, there’s a lot of focus building around what other upcoming storms could bring. 

Today, as parts of the nation are bracing for impactful weather – heavy rains, winds and more from hurricane Laura in the Atlantic, the question comes up yet again about being prepared ‘just in case’. Especially as a business owner, you want to ensure there are minimal disruptions and that your employees are safe. 

Here are some tips for ensuring, no matter what a storms landfall brings, that your business will be able to persevere and survive. 

Plan As Early As Possible

As the saying goes, you can never be too prepared. When it comes to storm season and the unpredictable path that these dangerous acts of nature can take, it is critical to have preparations in advance. Everything from understanding what is most critical to maintain operations, to how you will evacuate the building in an emergency should be part of these plans. It makes sense to task individuals with ensuring these steps are taken during times of crisis and offering training in advance so everyone is well prepared. 

Review Your Insurance Policies 

With the possibility of significant property damage and downtime that comes from these types of storms, it is critical that your business has insurance policies in place to best protect you and your employees. Maintain accurate inventory of your equipment and ensure you have the right coverages needed should you experience loss as a result of the storms.

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