Beautiful Young Woman Searching For Keys In Purse While Standing

News reports about increasing crime rates in cities and towns across the nation have put many on high alert. With no signs of these crimes slowing, it’s important that you stay informed, know your risks at all times, and are ready to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, parking lot attacks are becoming an increasingly common crime. More and more reports about women and the elderly becoming prime targets are surfacing. From purse snatchings to car hijackings, and more. As these happen, we must sharpen our self-defense skills and be alert with tactics to protect ourselves the best way possible.

Pepper spray, which has been around for years, is an aerosol spray that causes burning and pain when it hits someone’s eyes. Its main purpose is for self-defense to ward off assailants and for many years it was a go-to choice for people to keep ‘just in case.’ But rather than reaching for the spray and hoping to aim in the eyes of the attacker to stop them – there are more tech-savvy and advanced options available today to help protect yourself.

Some of the newest personal safety devices on the market are connected to the cloud and use advanced technologies for tracking and even activate alarms that sound off loudly like a car alarm system.

The devices range from sophisticated and pricey, to affordable, basic gadgets. Most can be worn or attached to your belongings like a small keychain and have features like a panic button or pull pin. Once activated an alarm will sound to signal for safety in an emergency.

They left off high-pitched squealing alarm sounds and whistles – some piercing and emitting up to 140 decibels of noise to deter an attacker and get the attention of those around you that something unwarranted is happening. To activate these devices, you simply press a button or quickly pull a pin.

More sophisticated devices and connected mobile applications also exist today. These can be used to let friends and family know your location using a GPS tracker so they can alert authorities if something ever goes wrong as well as smartwatches with a safety alarm that’s easy to take with you everywhere you go.

In situations where you cannot defend yourself or feel alone, these personal safety devices can help ward off attackers and provide key information about the incident or your whereabouts – should a greater crime unfold.  Be informed. Stay Safe.