winter home

The state of Connecticut has entered into one of the coldest seasons of the year. Not only have government officials activated the state’s severe cold weather protocol as of last week, but it also serves as a reminder to check on your home’s safety as temperatures dip well below dangerous levels.

The arctic conditions make it so that being outside for extended periods of time is not safe. Anyone in need of shelter can get a warm location and be sheltered from the outdoors. If your home is not protecting you from the cold, you can also put your family in a scary situation. It’s best to prepare early. Here are a few tips and things to check on as we move into this blast of freezing cold air.

Check on Your Furnace

In addition to routine yearly maintenance, it’s important to check that your furnace is operating properly throughout the year. Replace the filter, check for leaks and change the battery in your thermostat to avoid surprise issues during extreme weather situations.

Turn up the Heat

You’ll want to turn the thermostat up an additional 2-4 degrees than normal so you can maintain a comfortable warmth in the home. Anywhere between 66-70 degrees is the recommended temp to set your thermostat to during the winter.

Keep the Doors Shut

A great way to prevent heat loss and keep rooms warm is to shut all exterior doors included garages and keep them closed as much as possible. Fewer times opening the doors means fewer chances of cold air entering and the warmth that’s been built up indoors escaping. Be sure doors and windows are sealed and there are no air leaks as well.

Be Careful with Space Heaters

Space heaters are a common tool in the winter months to provide extra heat. They can also become dangerous if used improperly. They should be kept away from walls and furniture and turned off at night. In addition, space heaters should never be used to heat frozen pipes or warm-up blankets. These great tools for additional heat can quickly become dangerous if not used with care.

Follow these tips to keep your home safe and cozy this winter!