cyber security

It’s a scary world out there on the Internet. The greatest invention of our modern age has brought with it a multitude of benefits and innovations but has also opened the doors for criminals who are using sophisticated methods to gain access to personal information and do damage to businesses and consumers across the globe.

There are many protections that can be put in place to help ward off an attack and some that might thwart the criminals from even attempting to access your confidential data.

Sometimes though, the breach is inevitable and you’ll need protection when it happens.

Cyber Security Insurance for Business in Connecticut

To help businesses protect their customers and their assets if a breach occurs, cybersecurity insurance offers peace of mind that you’ll have the help you need to recover data or come back from a breach. Talk to your agent about adding the Cyber line to your businesses general liability insurance policy.

What it can cover:

  • Data Restoration Costs: when you need to replace or restore company data.
  • System Restoration Costs: Purchase of needed software to get your systems back running in pre-attack mode.
  • Data Re-Creation Costs: Costs to recreate or replace lost or corrupted data.
  • Loss of Business: Coverage for loss of business income during the period when your system and data recovery was taking place.

Cyber Coverage for Personal

Most households today also have a number of electronic devices and smart gadgets that aren’t just connected to the Internet, but they’re collecting and storing lots of really personal information on them. Protecting yourself and your family members from a security breach have never been more important.

Becoming better informed about security measures and known phishing schemes is a great start. Not using children’s names or “123” as a password and be wary of clicking links on an email stating you need to pay a debt ASAP can help keep you safe. Since there are a number of other ways crafty criminals are tricking people into a hack, you need more back-up than just security software and a watchful eye. This is where a cyber endorsement in your insurance policy is worth considering.

What it can cover:

  • Coverage to restore systems after an attack on a home computer system.
  • Expenses incurred to overcome cyberbullying.
  • Fraud protection services for those who have had a data breach.

Adding personal cyber protection to your homeowner’s insurance is a smart move today as more and more connected devices and cybercriminals make their way to the World Wide Web.

To learn more about Cyber Protection coverages available for Connecticut home and business owners and get protected, contact a representative at Petruzelo Insurance today!