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When leaves fall in Connecticut during the autumn, most wind up on the ground, but a fair number find their way into gutters. Cleaning the gutters on your house can help you avoid serious and costly problems later. 

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters in the Fall

If gutters are clogged with leaves, it can be difficult or impossible for rain and melted snow to flow to the downspouts. Water can get backed up and freeze when the temperature falls. That can lead to ice dams, large chunks of ice that can weigh down gutters, cause them to sag or fall off the house, and damage the roof. If icicles fall, they can injure people or cause property damage.

Cleaning the gutters in the fall is a simple way to prevent these sorts of problems. If you can’t clean the gutters yourself or you would rather spend your weekend relaxing, you can hire someone to do it for you. Just be sure that you get this critical chore done.

Failing to Clean the Gutters Can Impact Your Insurance Coverage

You might be thinking that you can just file a homeowners insurance claim if clogged gutters cause problems, but your claim can be denied. Homeowners insurance pays for repairs and medical bills if a problem is caused by a covered peril, such as a storm. It doesn’t pay for issues that can be attributed to lack of maintenance. 

Cleaning the gutters is a routine and necessary task. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility. If you don’t clean the gutters, then ice dams form and damage the roof, your insurance company can refuse to pay for repairs. If the roof starts to leak during a storm, but neglected maintenance is the underlying source of the problem, you can be required to pay for repairs yourself.

Compare Quotes for Homeowners Insurance

Reviewing your insurance coverage is another important task that should be on your fall to-do list. You might need to modify your coverage, or you might want to raise or lower your deductible.

It’s also in your best interest to periodically compare quotes from different insurers. Each company has its own way of setting premiums, and each offers numerous discounts. You might be able to get the same coverage at lower rates by switching companies.

Fall is a busy time. You don’t want to spend hours contacting insurance companies to compare rates. The team at Petruzelo Insurance can quickly get you quotes from several leading insurers. Contact us today to learn more.