eating popcorn

As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with for the spring and summer of 2020, many people have also found that as a result of staying home more and changing routines, they’ve also managed to pack on additional pounds.

The “quarantine 15” (or 30 pounds for some of us) is something that many people have identified as occurring and are now fighting to lose the extra weight – all while still practicing social distancing.

Getting outdoors and being physically active certainly plays a key role in cardiovascular health and can help shed stubborn pounds, but most experts agree that healthy bodies start in the kitchen. 

Since diet is such a large part of the weight loss process, and because being home all the time usually leads to boredem eating, we’ve come up with 3 healthy snacks you can prepare for the family that will get you over the desire to snack without sabotaging your health efforts. 

Fresh & Dried Fruits

To help kick a craving for fruity sweets, try sticking to dried or fresh fruits instead. In time they’ll begin to taste sweeter than ever since your palette will change from eating less added sugars in foods. Be sure to choose the ripest and most in season fruit and eat only dried fruit without a sugar topping. 


Mid-day munchies that call for a crunch or mindless nibbling can be met with some popcorn to fulfill the craving without overdoing it. This popular snack food is low in calories which means you can eat a decent amount just be sure not to choose overly buttered flavors. 

Pickled Veggies

If the idea of a veggie platter and dip doesn’t exactly excite you , there is another option that could help curb your boredom eating. Pickles and other vegetables that have been aged in vinegar help keep the desire for salty and crunchy in check and can even replenish depleted sodium levels. 

Remember, if you’re eating because you’re bored, the best thing you can do is learn to replace the habit with something healthier to distract you like reading, going for a walk, or spending the time checking in with a loved one. However, if you can’t fight the urge to snack, these options should help you with getting those quarantine pounds off for good!