Taking care of your stuff is likely something your mom taught you from a young age. If you wanted to hold on to your favorite things then knowing where you placed the last and keeping them safe was a priority. In our adult years, our valuables take on the same role. They are important to us and likely worth a good amount of money so keeping them out of the hands of thieves and protected is key. 

Everything from jewelry, heirlooms, furs, artwork, antiques, and collectibles should all be considered. 

Here are our top three tips for protecting your valuables. 

1. Save Important Paperwork 

Even if you know without a doubt that an item you’re purchasing is authentic and worth every cent, you should still keep all paperwork like receipts, purchase dates and locations, and other details that will help with future appraisal needs. 

2. Know their Worth 

Appraisals help you to know how much your valuable items are worth and will be covered in the event of a claim. It also helps to keep the worth of these items in mind as you plan how you will store and protect your valuables. Finally, if part of your valuables is an irreplaceable item with sentimental value then perhaps getting the best protection in place for it is critical. 

3. Get it Protected 

While storing your valuable items in a safe place is certainly important. You should be sure that this storage option is protected. Safes and vaults protected with locks and passwords should be considered. Also, be sure to speak to an insurance agent to find out if there is coverage for the value of the item included with homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies. If not, think about getting your valuable protected with additional insurance options. Policies may be available that help with theft, breakage, and disappearances of valuable items.

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