When shopping for insurance, many people tend to think about the essentials: car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, business insurance–most adults know that getting these types of coverages is a must. While we agree that these are all very important to have, there are certain things that these base policies don’t cover. When it comes to valuables, like jewelry, heirlooms, furs, artwork, antiques, and collectables, some people wrongfully assume that they are covered by homeowners insurance. Are they? In most scenarios, they are not.  

Valuable Items Are Not Always Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Naturally you should always check your current homeowners policy, but in many cases, valuable items are not covered. This means that if your valuables are stolen, lost or destroyed, you may not get reimbursed for them. If you own some truly priceless heirlooms or pieces of art, this can be a tough pill to swallow. So, what can you do to ensure that you will be reimbursed? 

Add Valuable Items Insurance To Your Policy

Usually, valuable items insurance is something that you must add to an existing policy. If your current insurance provider can’t offer this to you at a fair price, then it may be time to speak with a provider who can. If you own lots of valuable items, then give Petruzelo Insurance a call. We don’t compete with other insurance providers—we match you up with the provider who will meet your specific coverage needs. It is our mission to get you a policy that is both affordable and practical.