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This year’s flu season, as anticipated, has been a particularly active one. It’s forced schools to shut down in some areas and has even lead to hospitalizations and unfortunate casualties. Reports are calling for a few more elevated weeks for flu activity.

The CDC recommends flu vaccination for everyone 6 months and older. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s important to practice cleanliness and to guard yourself against germs.

Most of us spend the majority of our days at work. If you’re at the office all day and have to share a confined space with your coworkers, it’s important that you keep each other safe from germs that could lead to the spread of the flu virus.

Check out these tips for avoiding office colds during an active flu season.

Wash Your Hands Constantly

It goes without saying, that the best way to stop the spread of germs is to keep your hands clean. We touch so many things throughout the day without thinking about it. Turn a doorknob, flick a light switch or type on a keyboard. Do this with hands you sneezed into previously and you have the perfect ground for viruses to spread.

Tip: Be sure to use warm water, wash with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds then rinse again with warm water. Turn the faucet off an open the bathroom door with the paper towel, or you’ll defeat the purpose of washing in the first place!

Monitor People’s Symptoms

While it’s common courtesy for you to wash your hands and cough away from people to prevent them from getting sick like you, not everyone is thinking about the greater good and some will come to work sick, not wash their hands or do things that cause the spread of the flu. It’s best to be responsible for yourself by paying attention to your surroundings. If one of your coworkers has been blowing their nose all morning and you hear sniffles coming from their cubicle, it’s best to keep a safe distance to protect yourself just in case.

Sanitize All Surfaces

Even if you cough into your elbow, wash your hands and toss tissues into the trash immediately, surfaces can still breed viruses. That’s because particles traveling through the air can land on the desk, counter, copy machine, water cooler…you get the idea. Keep sanitizing wipes around the office and use them frequently to clean up the workplace and stop the spread of the dreaded office cold before it takes over.

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