happy senior woman

The aging generation is growing today and more and more seniors are enjoying better health and longer lives well past their retirement years.

A combination of better medicine and more active lifestyles have made celebrating senior citizens and their contributions to society a regular event on the calendar.

The celebratory day was originally proclaimed on August 19, 1988, by President Ronald Reagan. As part of Proclamation 5847, he designated National Senior Citizens Day on August 21.

Each year on this date, we take time to show appreciation for the older generation that’s helped to shape the world we live in today. Much of the work they did over the years helped to create the innovations we enjoy. Many of these seniors are also important members of our families and are raising generations of children into successful adults while still remaining an active part of society.

This is also a day that should be used to help raise awareness for all the issues senior citizens are faced with each day and must still fight to overcome. For the many seniors who live alone and independently, depression and isolation are very real concerns.

According to the Administration on Aging, 28 percent of adults over 65 live alone. Of those, 45 percent of women over age 75 live home alone. There’s an important opportunity for family members to check up on them regularly when this occurs. Not only to ensure they’re not physically safe but also to hold conversations with them to keep them from feeling isolated or alone.

Another issue that senior citizens are faced with is neglect and abuse in their older age as they spend more time in hospital care and repeat visits. The same is true for those who stay at elderly homes where nurses are stationed to care for them. In this setting, there is a consistent need to ensure they are always being treated with care and that their financial and mental wellbeing is placed first by family members and anyone who is caring for them.

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