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The spring season is a time for refresh, resetting and let in the new possibilities. It’s also the perfect time to clean up our spaces and clear clutter. In a literal sense that means sorting old clothes, tossing and donating what you no longer use. But clearing our mental space and starting fresh with our health and personal goals should also be a focus.

If you’ve been wanting to clean up your eating habits and finally get fit, this new spring season presents the perfect opportunity to do so!

Here are some tips to help you clean out your fridge and start making better, healthier choices with your eating.

1.      Shop Smarter

If you’ve ever “attempted” to eat better and went on a large shopping spree of fresh veggies only to let them rot in the back of the drawer, you’re not alone. Not only is that a giant waste of money, it’s also probably not going to work for your new attempt at healthy eating either. Instead, shop smarter. Take the time to shop in small batches and picking up only those fresh items you know you and your family will be eating for the next few days. This removes temptations to over indulge while also keeping spoilage at bay.

2.      Get Organized

Likewise, if you head to the grocery store without anything specific in mind but, “buy healthy stuff,” chances are you’ll end up stressed out, running around and grabbing things you’ll probably never cook. Instead, plan and get organized. Spend some time in advance of a shopping trip looking at recipe books or online for meal ideas and make a list of the things you’ll need to complete them. You’ll save time and money and actually use the food you buy.

3.      Make Mealtime a ‘Thing’

Whether you live alone or are cooking for a large family, it’s important to understand that the healthiest foods you can eat are going to require some skills in front of the stove. There are a myriad of videos, books and other tools if you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen that teach you how to begin. The key is to remain consistent. Make meal time a “thing”. Quality time spent in the kitchen with friends or family, socializing, learning new skills and enjoying wholesome foods.

family cooking a meal

Eating healthier is essential today as we increase our time sitting at desks, looking at computer screens and crunch more stuff on our to-do lists than probably possible in a 24-hour day.

Consuming good, wholesome foods will keep you energized for the day and reduce the chances you’ll pack on pounds like other junk food options would.  In a nation plagued by obesity and weight-related health issues and rising medical costs, the time to take control of the foods were eating is now!

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