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While it may not seem like it based on the current weather, the spring and summer holiday season isn’t that far away, and many Americans are thinking about opportunities to roam in their motorhomes and RVs. But while you’re planning where to go, where to stay, and what to see, be sure that you’re also ensuring that your specialized insurance policy is continuing to meet your needs with your motorhome or RV. 

What’s Special About RV Coverage?

RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers are unique vehicles, and this means they have specialized insurance needs that require dependable insurance coverage from a company that understands them. 

“Because RVs are big vehicles that can do a lot of damage in an accident, you will want to pay special attention to liability coverage,” according to Kiplinger Personal Finance. “Generally, only an RV insurance policy will cover liability for a motorhome. For a travel trailer, liability coverage is typically provided by the towing vehicle’s policy. If you have a large retirement savings nest egg to protect, you may want to consider additional coverage through an umbrella policy.”

In addition, some RV and motorhome policies will cover the cost of a hotel room if the RV – essentially a home on the road – is damaged and requires repairs, meaning its owners will need to seek housing alternatives while it’s in the shop. 

It may also be a good idea to pay for coverage for roadside assistance should your RV or motorhome become disabled. Specialty towing services may be required, which can be expensive. 

“For common claims like theft and vandalism, the contents inside an RV are generally protected under a homeowners or renters insurance policy, though typically with lower limits for covering property away from home,” according to Kiplinger. “If your home on the road includes a variety of expensive electronics and other personal effects, get extra coverage through your RV policy. Permanent contents, such as kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, fall under most RV policies’ comprehensive and collision portions.”

Since RVs and motorhomes tend to be large purchases, a robust insurance policy is critically important in the event of a collision in which the other driver is at fault but is uninsured, which could leave you on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars – or more if the damage is extensive. There could also be medical bills if the accident results in injuries. 

Ultimately, the takeaway is that before you plan a trip in your RV or motorhome, review your insurance policy and ensure that you’re covered in all events. 

Consult a Knowledgeable Insurance Agent in CT

As a motorhome or RV owner, it’s critical to have a reliable business insurance agent on your side. To be sure that your policy covers all scenarios, review your coverage in advance before you hit the road this spring or summer. In Connecticut, Petruzelo Insurance offers business, personal, and auto policies that fit your needs and protect you in the event of a business loss or lawsuit. Call us at 866-479-3327 or visit our website for more information.