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Depending on how old you are, the idea of “classic cars” may summon up an image of a 60s Corvette, or even something older with the classic lines and fins of the 50s. But when it comes down to the age required for a classic vehicle – and brace yourself, this will make you feel old – cars from every year of the 90s are now “classic car.”

It may seem odd to be celebrating vehicles as “classic” from the same era of alt-rock and Beanie Babies (in fact, some of the latter could be worth money as “classics” too) but from an insurance perspective, that Toyota Tercel of your mom’s that’s still lurking in the back of your garage is well and truly classic, at least from an insurance perspective if you drive it for fun. (And let’s face it, the late 90’s Honda Civics, CR-Vs and Accords were so reliable that no one is surprised that they’re still turning in good service). 

So before you hit the road with your favorite mix tape popped into the cassette player, it’s important that you have the right insurance for your classic.

What Cars Qualify for Classic Car Insurance?

Not every vehicle from the era of Tamagotchis is a candidate for classic auto insurance. For this type of coverage, the vehicle needs to be a “spare” car that’s used for fun, and not as an everyday automobile. These policies tend to be more expensive because replacement parts for automobiles 25 years and older are pricier and often harder to find. 

Fixing and replacing a collector car can be an expensive prospect. For this reason, it’s important that you have the right amount of classic car insurance. “The right amount,” of course, will be largely based on the car’s value, and the insurance agent that you choose will insure that your policy provides the protection you need, as well as important details like roadside assistance. (A critical insurance feature to have for classic vehicles that may be less than 100 percent reliable and need to be handled carefully in the event of a breakdown.) 

Why Is Classic Car Insurance So Important?

Coverage for a classic vehicle is different from ordinary auto insurance. Most auto insurance companies today will provide customizable auto insurance policies that are designed specifically for classic or collector vehicles. Traditional auto insurance policies will likely not address the unique issues involved with a classic vehicle: the way the car may represent a significant financial investment that may be passed on to future generations, for example, or when replacement parts are difficult (or nearly impossible) to locate. 

Companies that provide classic vehicle insurance understand these challenges, and craft policies that will provide peace of mind for those who have put blood, sweat and tears into a beloved vintage ride. 

Get Classic Car Insurance in CT

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