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If you ride a motorcycle in Connecticut, you’re required to carry liability insurance. Having liability coverage might meet the state’s minimum requirements, but that doesn’t mean that it’s enough to shield you from financial losses. Full-coverage motorcycle insurance can protect you in a wider range of scenarios than a policy that only includes liability coverage.

What Is Full-Coverage Motorcycle Insurance?

Full-coverage motorcycle insurance includes several components. Liability coverage will pay a claim if you’re involved in an accident that injures another driver, a passenger in another vehicle, or a pedestrian. Liability insurance will also cover damage to someone else’s property that’s caused by a crash.

Liability insurance won’t pay to repair your motorcycle if it gets damaged in an accident. If you have collision coverage and you’re involved in a crash, your policy will cover the cost of repairs. 

Your bike might be damaged under other circumstances, such as a fire or vandalism, or you might hit an animal. In those cases, comprehensive coverage can pay for the cost of repairs.

Why Should You Get Full-Coverage Motorcycle Insurance?

If you took out a loan to buy a motorcycle, or if you’re leasing a vehicle, you’re most likely required to have a full-coverage insurance policy. Even if full coverage isn’t mandated, it can be in your best interest to take out a policy that includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

An accident involving another vehicle isn’t the only way that a motorcycle can be damaged. You might hit a fence or a deer, or your motorcycle might catch fire. 

If you only have liability coverage, you won’t be protected in those kinds of scenarios. That means you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs, which can easily total thousands of dollars.

Having full-coverage motorcycle insurance can help you avoid large and unanticipated repair bills. A full-coverage motorcycle insurance policy will cost more than a liability-only policy, but the peace of mind that comes with full coverage is priceless.

How Can You Find Full-Coverage Motorcycle Insurance with Affordable Premiums?

Petruzelo can help you get the coverage you need at the best rate available. You might be able to save money if you bundle your motorcycle insurance with other policies or if you have a safe driving record. We’ll request quotes from several insurers, find out what discounts you’re eligible for, and help you find coverage that fits your needs and that won’t strain your budget. Contact us today to compare quotes.