This year has certainly been one for the books, as they say. As we continue to battle the global Coronavirus pandemic here in the U.S., there is something else we should be paying attention to in New England and it comes in the form of flooding, wind damage, and even cyclones.

Each year from June to November we enter into the Atlantic hurricane season. The peak, which typically happens from August-October has brought it some catastrophic weather events in the last few years.  It is important to be prepared, now, more than ever for the potential damage and outages, we could see.

Here are some tips for dealing with the important aspects in and around your home that will keep you and your family safe and comfortable should power outages or other emergencies arise.

1.      Clear Away Low Hanging Limbs and Brush

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain safe premises. The most dangerous things that can occur as a result of the heavy rain and winds from hurricanes are trees falling, becoming uprooted, and landing on your property. Much of the roof damage we see after these storms can be avoided with annual care and tree trimming efforts. This storm season makes it a point to check for any low hanging branches or other brush hazards around your home and have them professionally trimmed back to avoid damage.

2.      Set-up an Emergency Plan for the Family

Should there be a power outage, flooding, or other emergencies that arise, you want your family to be prepared and remain calm throughout the ordeal. Having a plan that everyone is familiar with and comfortable with will ensure things go smoothly. This should include an escape route, emergency contact information, and even a first aid safety kit for survival. You can never be too prepared.

3.      Keep Up with Weather Forecasts & Local Events

While not all potential storms will develop into something serious, sometimes things can change quickly. It’s important to stay tuned in to regular weather updates and know what’s happening in your area. Sign up for emergency alert systems and be sure to check weather forecasts regularly so you’re never left surprised when a storm comes rushing in.

4.      Consider Power Protection & Back-up

Even if this hurricane season only comes with a few power outages, it’s still important to be prepared. If you want to keep your home comfortable for the family. Better yet, you’ll want to keep the expensive electronics running throughout your home from any irreparable damage. Invest in surge protection solutions. Both whole-house surge protection and surge protectors can be added to the home’s electrical panel. Other options like a standby generator or even a backup generator is a terrific way to ensure a power outage doesn’t keep your home from its usual operations.

Your home insurance policy will play an important role after storm damage. Be sure you have the coverages you need in advance of the 2020 hurricane season. Talk to an agent at Petruzelo today!