Now that summer is here, your family may be spending a lot of time outdoors. This is a good time to review your insurance coverage and to make any necessary changes so you will have the right coverage in case something goes wrong this season.

Insurance Coverage for a Pool

If your pool got damaged by a covered peril, such as a fallen tree, your homeowners insurance policy could pay to repair or replace it. Depending on the type of pool and your insurance company, it might be considered an extraneous structure or personal property. That could affect the amount the company would pay if the pool were damaged or destroyed.

Make sure you understand how your insurance carrier classifies the pool and how much compensation you would receive in the event of an accident. You might need to raise your coverage limits to fully cover the replacement cost.

A pool is considered an “attractive nuisance.” That means it is appealing to children and also dangerous, so many states and cities require homeowners with pools to take steps to keep children away from them. If you failed to take appropriate measures to protect children, such as installing a fence with a locked gate around the pool, and a child got injured, you could be held liable, even if the child was trespassing on your property.

If someone got injured while using your pool, your homeowners insurance policy’s liability coverage could pay for medical expenses and potential legal costs. Make sure you have enough liability coverage. If not, you might lose your home, savings, and other assets in a lawsuit, unless you had an umbrella insurance policy.

Medical Coverage for Summer Illnesses and Injuries

During the summer, members of your family may experience a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Kids playing outside and adults working in the yard may suffer all sorts of injuries, including falls, broken bones, cuts, and head injuries. Heat exhaustion and insect and tick bites are common during this season.

Medical bills are often expensive, and being blindsided by an unexpected expense could throw your finances into chaos. Be prepared by making sure you have a medical insurance policy that would cover emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgery, and medication, as well as routine visits to the doctor for checkups.

Talk to an Insurance Professional

The team at Petruzelo Insurance can help you make sure you have insurance policies that meet your needs. We can review your current coverage, discuss any concerns you may have, and explore a range of options, such as increasing your coverage limits or purchasing a new policy through a different insurance company.

Contact us today to discuss your current coverage and to learn more about how we may be able to help you.