As a home owner living in the regions of the country that experience deep freezes, you have a responsibility when it comes to winter maintenance to keep your home free of havoc and costly repairs. One important issue to consider are frozen pipes. Since water expands when frozen, there is a greater chance that pipes will contract and burst if water in them freezes.

Here are some tips on preventing, thawing and properly surveying your home for possible frozen pipes.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

It’s important to be proactive about preventing frozen pipes in your Connecticut home because flooding doesn’t just ruin your belongings, it also can cause mold and lots of irreparable damage. Before the cold temps come, around take inventory around the home (focusing on the pipes near exterior walls) to check that there are no visual problems, cracks and that proper insulation has been used. Pipe insulation is a great option for exposed pipes that don’t have any other method for insulating. Be sure that all shut-off valves have been used for hoses and water sources leading outdoors and go the extra mile of removing your garden house in the freezing temps to prevent possible pipe bursts. Keeping your home’s thermostat at a steady temperature and letting water trickle during extremely cold temps are also great tips for preventing frozen pipes in the home.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

If you have run into a situation where the pipes in your home are frozen, but have not burst yet, you may have some time to reverse it before more damage is done. You should immediately turn off the water supply while you check for the area that is frozen or appears ready to burst. Once found, apply heat to the area using a space heater, blow dryer or a heating pad as it is warmed, turn the faucet on to allow water to start flowing again. This may not be possible depending on where and which pipes have become frozen but it’s important to take action as quickly as possible and call professionals skilled in plumbing or water clean-up if a burst does occur.


Worried about frozen pipes this winter?

Call your homeowner’s insurance agent to get more information on what your policy covers should a pipe burst so you’re fully prepared. If you need a quote in Connecticut, contact Petruzelo Insurance today.