group of kids playing

With daylight savings happening this weekend, and the urge to get back outdoors once spring weather rolls around, most families in Connecticut have a vacation on their mind. Not just where they’ll spend some time relaxing over the summer, but the week of time off from school that kids have coming up in the first few weeks of April.

Known as, “Spring Break,” this offers schools time to clean-up and reorganize and kids time to return refreshed for the second half of the academic year. Many families will take a quick vacation during this time if they can coordinate it, but oftentimes staying home is part of the tradition.

If there’s one thing kids know how to do when they are stuck home and out of their regular routine, it’s complaining about being bored. Instead of listening to them sulk in agony that, “there’s nothing to do,” we’ve compiled a list of tips to help stave off boredom and more importantly, keep you sane during the upcoming spring break.

Involve Them in the Plans

Asking kids what it is they want to do with their time off isn’t always a fail. Sometimes they may have a good idea to share or something feasible to do as an activity. Plus, if they’re involved in the planning process for the week, they may be more complacent with the schedule since they had a part in creating the itinerary.

Find Local Things to Do

Day trips can help make the spring break week pass by quickly and enjoyably. You don’t even need to leave the state or stay overnight to find lots of fun things to do. Here in Connecticut, there are plenty of museums, parks, and other locations – some even offer special rates to invite families in during spring break.

Keep Some Routines in Order

Spring break is only one week and even though it might feel like forever, it’s a short time to break habits that could create friction once it’s time to get back to the swing of things. Try to keep some routines ongoing throughout the week. Choose the same dinner time for example, or bedtime, but allow for some extra sleep time in the a.m. as a treat.

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