Safety in the workplace is important at all job sites. Whether you work in a school, office, or outside doing roadwork. In fact, those who are in work zones on the roadways are in especially dangerous conditions. It is up to drivers on the road and the public understands this and slow down and be cautious around the areas where they are working.

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week and serves as an important reminder that motorists should reduce speeds before they enter work zones and proceed with caution as they make their way through those areas.

​The national theme for 2022 is “Work Zones are a Sign to Slow Down” and focuses on promoting the need for everyone to join in and understand the role they play in keeping people safe. From pedestrians to motorists, bicyclists, and even workers – we must care for one another’s safety at all times.

According to the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, in 2020, there were 774 fatal crashes in work zones resulting in 857 deaths. Of those, 117 were work zone workers.

To promote safety on the roadways in Connecticut, the state’s Department of Transportation held a news conference with Commissioner Joe Giulietti earlier this week to raise awareness.

“As construction season begins for highway and roadway work, now is the time to remind everyone of the importance of paying attention as they approach and drive through work zones, so motorists, pedestrians, and roadway workers remain safe,” said Giulietti. “Everyone must share the responsibility for work zone safety. Please, don’t wait until you’re in the work zone to reduce your speed. When you see orange, slow down.”

A new moment of silence has been added to the week for 2022 and remembers the people whose lives were lost in a work zone incident.