school bus

The fall season is a great time to remind Connecticut drivers about the rules of the road when sharing it with school buses.

With the new academic year now in full swing, you’ve likely noticed the big yellow buses making frequent stops on your drive to work in the mornings.

In addition to the ride to work, buses are dropping students off after school, taking them on field trips during the middle of the day and even transporting them to sporting events on the weekends or later at night.

Since there’s really any time of day that you could potentially encounter a school bus on your commute, it makes sense to brush up on the rules of sharing the road with buses.

Here are 2 major rules you never want to overlook.

Always Stop for Flashing Lights

In Connecticut, it is mandatory that all drivers stop when they see flashing red lights on a school bus which indicate it’s stopped and letting passengers on or off. Drivers must stop at least 10 feet away from the bus whether they are located behind, in front of, or driving across lanes of traffic. All must come to a stop. The only cars permitted to drive are those located across a 4-lane divided highway and moving in the opposite direction.

Assume Kids Will Dart Across the Road

The only way to drive defensively with school buses on the roadway and when school is in session is to drive ready to stop at any moment. Kids are in greatest danger when they board and get off of the school bus. If you proceed by assuming a child will dart across at any time, it’s easier to keep focused on what’s happening as you drive.

Failing to practice these safety requirements while driving on Connecticut’s roadway will result in hefty fines, possible suspension of your license and even jail time.

With school started and kids coming on and off school buses it makes sense to give yourself some extra time to travel in the mornings to factor in the time it takes for the bus to stop along the route.

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