Most businesses today understand that happy employees lead to better customer service interactions, more productivity, and improvements in the bottom line.

In order to keep workers happy it’s important to constantly seek out the things they want from businesses in return to show appreciation for the work they’ve done.

In addition to health insurance and benefits packages offered by companies, there’s also a new wave of wellness pursuits being requested from employees.

According to study findings from Transparency Market Research, the employee wellness market is set to grow to $61.7B by 2026. The market was only worth $29.3B in 2017. North American businesses especially are ramping up efforts to add new wellness initiatives that the millennial and Gen Y workforce is looking for.

Here are some examples of new health & wellness benefits to consider for employees:

Stress Management Programs – Offering employee’s ways to learn to deal with stressful environments while at work can have immediate benefits on the immediate environment and as an additional benefit, insurance claims can be reduced by less risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and other risks.

Support for Healthy Habits– As a world suffering from obesity and health risks related to weight and other bad habits like smoking, it’s become critical to provide tools to help overcome these habits. Fitness and meal support, as well as access to cessation programs, are being offered by companies.

Financial Health Resources – Money problems can lead to issues on the job due to depression, anxiety. Finding a way to alleviate personal financial issues by offering employees resources that gain better control over their finances can also lead to higher productivity rates while at work.

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