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Winter seems to finally be making its exit, which means spring will be here before we know it. Warmer air, chirping birds and gentle breezes make this time of year very enjoyable. Spring is also a popular time for clearing spaces and decluttering what’s accumulated over the winter months (or much longer for some of us.)

If the thought of tackling all of the cleaning that needs to be done in your home makes you break out into a cold sweat, don’t fear, decluttering your space is possible.

Get a jumpstart on spring cleaning with these helpful tips.

Create a Plan

It’s much easier to conquer large tasks when they are broken down into smaller daily goals. Instead of trying to declutter your home all in one day, think about separating tasks based on urgency and focusing on one at a time.

If your desk is covered in papers and unopened mail, maybe start there. Pick a block of time to sit, open and organize your mail and paper work. Trash or shred what’s not needed and create a filing system for all other documents that you must store.

On the next day, focus on the single task of organizing the linen closet. Don’t just fold the couple of disheveled towels up front, but use the time you’ve set aside to completely clear the closet of its contents. This way you can go through each item, dust and clean off the shelves and then put back only the items you know you’ll use or need.

Toss it Out

Don’t be afraid to donate or toss stuff you thought was a good idea to buy at one time and just never found a use for. There’s no sense in it continuing to take up valuable space in your home.  Less is always more when your goal is to declutter.

You should have plenty of trash bags handy as your do your spring cleaning and fill them with stuff you no longer need or can use. If you have the extra storage in your attic or basement you may also want to purchase large totes and pack away things you’re not willing to part with but that don’t need to be out on display. You will be surprised how much more open your space looks and feels and not to mention having less knickknacks to dust and clutter in your way.

Get Out the Cleaning Supplies

While organizing and tossing clutter will certainly go a long way in cleaning up a space, you still should clean the space with cleaners and degreases to really freshen up and cleanse your space.  Pull out those appliances you haven’t looked behind in a year, dust sweep and mop even the entry ways and stairs. Replace your sponges and clean in those spaces (like the baseboards) that are easily forgotten in every day routines.

Getting an early jumpstart on these tasks means more time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather once it arrives.

In addition to following these simple tips for spring cleaning, you should also review your current insurance policies and speak with an agent to ensure you have the best coverages possible.

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