Spring has sprung here in New England. The cold days are making their way on out and everyone is coming out of hibernation mode looking to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air. Warmer weather also means time to pull out the toys that have been stored away for winter and venturing out for some vacation.

If you’re the fortunate owner of an RV then summer months probably mean hitting the road for long trips and camping. Before you can enjoy any of this though, you’ll need to get your vehicle prepared, ready and de-winterized.

It’s far better to get ahead of any potential issues are you prep for the season versus being hundreds of miles out on a trip when you realize there’s an issue.

Here’s a checklist to get you started.

Clean-up inside and out

First things first. You want to do one big clean up to start the season, inside and outside. Give your RV a good exterior washing and vacuum, mop and dust the interior. While you’re cleaning up, be sure to check for cracks, leaks and other damage that could put you at risk while on the road. Replace bald tires, ripped awnings and scrape away any spider webs.

Check under the hood

Of course, there’s more than cosmetics to pay attention to with an RV. Be sure at the start of the season to also check under the hood. You’re looking for things like dead batteries, chewed or corroded wires and posts and ensuring that all fluids and oils are topped off and that radiator hoses are functional.

Do a Test Run

The only way to be really sure that your ride is ready to give you comfort and good memories for the upcoming season is to test run it to ensure it’s ready.  Start inside the vehicle by testing appliances like the stove, water heater, and toilet. Run the waste tank valves and fill the water tanks to bleed the system. Be sure to also test your generators to ensure they are primed and ready to support your needs this summer.

Insure Your RV

Recreational Vehicles are a lot of fun. Protect your ride and your family with the right insurance so you’re covered in case of an accident.

Happy Camping!