If you’re a real estate photographer, then you should consider investing in drone technology. Now that the internet has taken the buyer’s market by storm, posting stunning imagery is more important than ever.

Make Your Virtual Tours Stand Out

Compelling imagery is only part of the equation.. Where drones really up the ante is…you guessed it–virtual tours.

The most effective marketers know one simple fact: if you want to sell something, then show something. Today, video marketing has taken the meaning of “show and tell” to a whole new level.

Ready to “see something” for yourself? Check this out….

As you can see, drones can be used to showcase both the interior and exterior of properties quite effectively.

Create Stories For Your Properties

Offering a nice overview is really just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to sell your properties, then you should consider using your drone as a storytelling tool:

Here we are asked to imagine ourselves living the life that they’ve painted. Can’t you imagine coming home to that marvelous living room and library? We sure can!

Generic property descriptions are a dime a dozen. Just imagine how many waves you could make with a video like this.

Don’t Forget to Insure Your Drone

If you do decide to invest in a drone of your own (and we hope you do!), then be sure to protect it with a general liability policy. If you live in Connecticut, then Petruzelo Insurance will find the plan that’s best suited for you.