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We may be almost to the spring season here in Connecticut, but the winter blues are still a reality for many of us. In fact, S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) is very real and it’s a type of depression that can creep in during seasonal changes. Short days, colder than normal temps, and coming out of the previous year’s social distancing mandates has made it a rough winter. The good news is, many mandates are now lifted and warmer weather isn’t too far away. 

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do around the house to help diminish those winter blues while we wait! 

Let in the Light 

One of the best ways to treat S.A.D is with light! You can easily open the drapes in the afternoon to let in natural light or invest in a lightbox to help improve your mood while we wait for the days when we can spend time comfortably outdoors again. 

Adopt Some Plants 

If you don’t consider yourself a ‘plant mom’ or have never had live plants in your home, you may want to do some research and add these pieces of outside nature indoors. There are many benefits to plants in the home including improved cognitive health, stress relief, and better mood as we care for and watch them grow. 

Stay Active 

During this winter season, it’s also important to stay active even if you’re not able to exercise outdoors. If you want to kick the winter blues you should get moving. Watch a workout video online, invest in home gym equipment or spend time doing light chores and walking around your home – anything to get your blood flowing and heart pumping will do your body and your mood a favor.