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With gas prices continuing to climb to historic highs and no signs of stopping, now’s the perfect time to think about ways to conserve fuel. After spending months with shutdowns and social distancing mandates in place, the last thing most people are thinking about for the summer of 2022 is staying home again. The summer season in New England is especially popular to get out on road trips and see the beautiful landscapes up and down the east coast.

While reducing how much you drive, choosing alternatives like carpooling or public transportation should certainly be practiced, there are things you can do while you’re driving that actually cuts down on how much gas you burn through too. Here are our top 3.

Lighten Your Foot

One of the main reasons you may be burning through fuel so quickly is how heavy you are with your foot. Are you flooring it? Having to stop abruptly all the time? Not only is this dangerous driving, but it also burns through gas quickly. You should always stick to the posted speed limit and be aware of how smoothly you’re braking, accelerating, and even cranking that A/C as all of this can add up.

Lighten Your Load

Packing your car full of people, bags, and things may be your only option – but if you can avoid that, do so. No matter what kind of car your drive, if you are filling it to capacity it’s going to have to work harder and will draw out more gas to work. Before hitting the road, get rid of anything you don’t need in the car and you can save so much more gas.

Don’t Leave Car Running

One of the easiest ways to waste gas, especially in the summer months, is to sit in the car with it idling. As it’s running the motor, and cooling the car (if you have the A/C on and the windows up) it’s using up gas and adding to greenhouse emissions. It’s best to turn the car off and get out if you have to wait for someone in a parking lot or want to use your phone.

As we wait to see any possible changes with the current high fuel costs, it’s important to start taking these steps while on the road. Cut costs, stay safe, and avoid accidents. Talk to an agent today about your auto insurance coverage in Connecticut.