Antique Motorcycle

Most bike lovers can agree that there’s nothing like being out on 2 wheels on the open road and just enjoying a cruise. The motorcycle market is a giant one and attracts riders of all ages. Gearheads and enthusiasts love to ride and the collector motorcycle hobby is alive and well. In fact, current trends suggest a rise in interest in the market for antique bikes. These bikes, much like the collector car market, are valued high – especially when rare.

According to reports, older models from Honda and Harley from the later 70s and 80s are now going at auction for thousands higher than they would have just a few years ago. What’s really catching buyers’ attention is the restorations that are bringing these iconic motorcycles back to life and looking sharp.

One modified 1980 Honda CBX sold at auction for almost $50,000 due to its pristine condition. In prior years these modified bikes didn’t hold the same value as their OEM counterparts. For popular bike brand Harley Davidson some of the previously popular bikes, like the Knucklehead have doubled in value climbing from being $50,000 to now reaching over a $100,000 price tag.

The other trend emerging in the bike buying market is the demand for British motorcycles. Bikes such as the Bonneville Triumph when fully restored can go for as much as $30,000. 

If you plan to hop on this trend and get your hands on one of these flashy restored bikes, don’t forget that insuring the motorcycle properly is very important. Insuring your vintage or antique motorcycle requires the help of a trusted team of agents who can educate you about motorcycle insurance to make the best decision regarding your policy.