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Every year on June 28, we are reminded of the important role insurance plays in our everyday lives. From offering support and backup during the most critical times in our lives to being a safeguard for our families into the future.

This year, on National Insurance Day we’re reminding you that a periodic review of your insurance policies is a critical step to ensuring you’re best protected for whatever life brings your way.

A solid review of your current plans could uncover gaps in coverage or areas where further discounts may be available.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular insurance coverages and what they offer.

Medical Insurance Having a plan that covers important medical visits and emergency visits are important. You never know when you’ll need it or just what procedures you’ll need to be done. Medical insurance policies can work to protect you in these situations.

Life – Life insurance policies protect you and your family in the event of your death.  The right policy should provide a valuable death benefit to your beneficiaries to help pay off debts or other expenses and provide earnings you would have been able to offer.

Car – There’s no other way to keep safe while in your car than having an insurance policy. One that protects you, your vehicles and anyone else who travels with you or you might be in an accident with while on the roadways.

Renters – Many people of all ages rent today. Instead of owning the dwelling they pay a fee to utilize the space each month. With the right insurance policy in place, you’ll have a reimbursement if there are any damages, theft, disasters, or injuries that occur.

Business Interruption – This type of insurance is typically added onto a property insurance policy and provides businesses with additional coverage limits should a business have to close it’s doors or leave the premises after a loss.

Group Medical – Employers provide health insurance coverage to workers as an added benefit of working at the company. These plans include a percentage paid by the employer as well as a percentage by the employee and typically includes high coverage levels.

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