car thieves

One of the worst feelings one can experience first thing in the morning is walking outside to your driveway and realizing your car has been targeted by thieves. You open the door hurriedly realizing you forgot to lock it the night before and hope they didn’t get to the iPad you left in your bag under the back seat. This and other similar experiences are more common than most would want to admit. Unfortunately, crime is everywhere and even the smallest neighborhoods can still fall victim.

To get you the best tips for protecting your car whether it’s in your own driveway or in a large venue parking lot, we gathered tips from industry professionals and are delivering them here in an easy to digest list.

Take notes and remember that protecting your assets should always be a top priority!

Tip #1: Lock Your Doors

One of the easiest and most important steps to take when it comes to protecting your car from a break in is to lock the doors. A simple click of the key fob at the window before you go to bed can go a long way in deterring thieves. Since they move quickly through driveways looking for high price tag items inside unlocked cars for the black market, they’ll likely keep moving past yours if the door doesn’t open when they yank on it.

Tip #2 Invest in an Alarm

Regardless of where you live, having an alarm on your car can help keep would-be thieves away. Since the alarm can be set at any time it’s easier to protect your car when it’s parked outside in a giant lot for hours at a time. As an added bonus, it could also help you get a discount on your car insurance policy. Even if you can’t purchase an actual car alarm just yet, there are dummy alarms that appear the be a same blinking light on your dash (just affixed with Velcro) to ward off thieves. The key with either is remembering to turn it on when you’re not in the car.

Tip #3 Understand Your Insurance Policies

Whether you’re a homeowner, rent or have your own car, you likely have insurance policies in place that protect you in case of an emergency or unplanned circumstance. Having a good understanding of how these policies can be used and the claims you can and cannot file is key.

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