severe weather

We’re currently in the thick of hurricane season here in Connecticut. As the Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November, the peak season runs from mid-August to late October. This weather isn’t just about tons of rainstorms and potential lightning, it’s also about the high winds that can occur and cause damage to homes and personal property.

The current “high wind warning” in place in the state is part of what weather forecasters are calling a “Bomb Cyclone.” It’s already left thousands across the state without power and the threat of thunderstorms is higher than usual.

A Bomb Cyclone is defined as a storm that can get strong very quickly and comes with a giant drop in pressure and explosive storms as a result of this happening.

The high wind issues are especially prominent with this storm. Once winds reach more than 50 mph they will begin to cause damage and create a serious threat to those outdoors. A system of measurement known as the Beaufort Wind Scale observes wind force conditions on land and sea.

At 47-54 mph, light structural damage can occur and when winds start to reach 55-63 mph uprooted trees and significant damage to structures can occur.

When it comes to protecting your home, here are the things you should seriously consider to ensure your roof, shingles, windows, and personal property is protected throughout the severe weather.

Walk Around the Property

If you have enough time before a storm to walk around the property, look for things like loose pieces of fence or large branches and debris that could become airborne in high winds and remove or secure them in advance.

Keep Up with Tree Trimming

While you likely won’t have a last-minute chance to start pruning trees, if you keep up to date with any trimming needs for trees and shrubs you can save a lot of potential damage to your dwelling. When you’re doing this task, be sure to tri, overgrown limbs and branches away from structures especially your roof and windows.

Use Plywood

A simple way to protect your windows is to use hurricane shutters or plywood and mount them over the windows to keep them from being stricken and potentially breaking during a storm.

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