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With New Year’s resolutions kicking off this month, a large part of the population is now focused on improving their health – eating cleaner and adding in more activity to their days. That’s until the snow starts falling and the temperature outdoors makes laying under the warm covers in bed much more inviting.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution to finally lose weight and get healthy fall by the wayside before it’s had time to even happen.

Here are some tips for staying active during the winter months. Stick with it and you’ll be grateful come spring and summer when you can enjoy outdoor activities that much more.

Find an Activity

One of the best ways to stick to a new regimen is to make it not feel like a chore. If you find an activity you enjoy beyond just it being physically beneficial you may find it easier to get the fitness done regularly. Indoor or outdoor winter sports, team and competitive games as well as things that aren’t normally associated with conventional “exercise” still count toward health goals. So pick something you haven’t enjoyed in years or try something new – you never know how much you might enjoy it!

Plan for Daytime Fitness

With daylight savings, it’s darker at night and early in the morning (which is the usual time most of us can fit fitness into our busy days.) The cold and dark nights and mornings also make getting outdoors to workout more difficult overall. Navigate this roadblock by planning for activity minutes during the day. Use your lunch break to get in a walk, take advantage of the warmer sunlight hours to go outdoors and complete activities or partake in sports matches on the weekend to help reach your fitness goals.

Have Discipline at Home

Not all fitness and workout routines require a pricey gym membership to be effective. At home workouts, while just as effective, do require a bit of discipline to begin. If your problems with working out in the winter months is the inability to get outdoors, then build the motivation to workout indoors. There are plenty of free YouTube videos for walking right in your living room or take the opportunity to learn something new like boxing, yoga or Zumba right from the comfort of your living room. Even if you’re not very coordinated, the increased heart rate and movement are still beneficial and no one will be looking, so just have fun!