woman with obedient dog

The summer season is fast approaching. Along with warmer weather there’s the fact that kids are on vacation from school, social gatherings are happening every weekend, and families is spending more time outdoors including with their four-legged family members.

Dogs that are usually indoors with the family are heading out to the park to toss the ball or go for a walk too. This increased encounter between dogs and the general public creates potential for dog bites.

While we love to think our pets have all become a part of the family and could never do such a thing, the startling reality is that dog bites claims are on the rise.

Summer Season Brings Dog Bite Awareness to the Forefront

Not only are dogs interacting with far more people and perhaps being startled by all the new sounds and bikes zooming by, but they can also easily get irritable from the heat and grumpy or become over protective of their owners. There are so many factors that can play into the reasons a dog bites. Including poor training and neglect from an owner.

Whichever way you look at it, there is legal liability when dog bites happen and they fall onto the owner and sometimes even their homeowners insurance.

According to the latest report from Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm, dog bite claims have increased along with other dog-related injuries in 2017, costing almost $700 million. The number of claims increased nationwide to 18,522 in 2017 up from 18,122 in 2016.

Important Safety Tips

While these numbers are certainly a threat to insurance companies and policy owners, it’s also an urgent call to the public to better understand their interactions with all dogs and what to do to prevent the risks.

Even dogs who have a reputation for being aggressive, may pose no threat at all. Rottweilers, Pitbull’s and Chow’s are just some of the breeds that get a bad rap. Being safe around any type of dog means knowing that their yard is theirs and their master is important to them. Also if they are behaving erratically, it should be a red flag to respect the dog’s space, keep your distance and do not taunt or run from the dog.

If they are showing their teeth, growling or seem to be tense and angered, there is something very wrong and you should not approach the dog in this state.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

As a pet owner, regardless of the type of breed you have, it’s important to take full responsibility for your four-legged friend. Teach obedience, work on socialization skills and know when there will be tough situations present to protect your pet and others from any possible attacks.