workplace safety training

As a business owner, you likely already understand the list of responsibilities required to operate successfully and create a healthy, efficient workplace. From keeping employees happy, to customer satisfaction and compliance requirements, there is a lot that goes into the everyday of your business functions. Regardless of the size of your business or industry in which you operate, keeping safety a top priority is important.

Not only will an unsafe workplace lead to accidents and unnecessary incidents, but it can also put a giant financial strain on the business due to lawsuits, fines and other losses associated with the unsafe conditions.

It’s critical that management establish a safety program for the workplace that addresses all potential issues and is enforced companywide. Not only will this reduce accidents, it will also boost employee morale and productivity which will help improve profitability.

Here are some tips for creating an effective safety program for your workplace.

1.      Put it in Writing

The only way to truly set any rules and policies in place is to put it in writing. This takes away the possibility of any miscommunication and offers a chance to disseminate the same information for all new hires and longtime employees. In addition to rules and procedures, be sure that a statement about the company’s commitment to workplace safety and striving to improve after any accidents is clearly stated and signed by the company President or CEO.

2.      Train Employees

Simply listing safety information isn’t enough. As a responsible business you also need to train employees on how to perform the tasks properly to avoid injuries so there are no questions. Depending on the type of industry and requirements of a specific job, this training may require testing and other more detailed approaches to ensure safety.

3.      Keep Safety an On Going Focus

Once you’ve offered the training to employees, you’ll need to re-train, offer refresher sessions and have periodic inspections to be absolutely sure that safety is in fact a focus each day and that any hazardous work conditions are discovered and addressed in advance of any accidents.

4.      Keep Accurate Records

In the event of an injury or accident you should also have a specific plan for how to handle those situations each and every time. This needs to include prompt investigation of the cause, interviewing of witnesses and steps to correct the issues and prevent future recurrences. Keep an accurate record of all details and dates and times that new rules have been communicated as a way to protect your business.

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