boat out on water

After a particularly frigid winter, Connecticut has now entered the spring months. With winter weather hopefully behind us, many outdoor enthusiasts and those who favor nature are starting to think about all the ways they can enjoy the warmer weather and longer daylight.

If you own a boat and can’t wait to get back out sailing in the beautiful CT waters, you’ll want to be sure your boat is ready and safe before heading out. This is the best way to avoid dangers and costly headaches associated with your boat breaking down or failing while out on water or when the season is already well underway.

Here is a basic list of suggestions for what to check on your boat to be best prepared.

  • Inspect & Clean Engine and parts
  • Check Battery
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Look for damage (cracks, poor electrical connections, leaks) to the vessel as well as the propeller
  • Test all alarms
  • Take inventory of safety gear and tools
  • Wash and wax the boat

Have fun

Really, there’s nothing more relaxing than an afternoon out in the quiet waters absorbing nature and spending time with family and friends.

Residents in Connecticut have a number of great locations to head out to boat and sail. From a stretch of shoreline facing Long Island Sound to lakes and rivers, there’s a variety of salt and freshwater areas to choose from.

Stay Protected

After you’ve checked that your boat is ready for the season, speak to an insurance agent about the policy you’ll need to be covered from risks.

Representatives at Petruzelo Insurance can answer questions about the type and extent of boat insurance you will need to protect yourself and your watercraft. We’re dedicated to finding you a plan that can give you peace of mind when enjoying your time on the water. Get in touch today!