winter home

We’re fresh on the heels of the holiday season but another important day will soon come around too for those of us who live on this side of the map. Winter. The first day of the cold season in New England is happening on Dec. 21 this year and with some mild temperature days still happening, now’s the perfect time for homeowners to get their home ready for the season.

Fall maintenance is critical because it prepares your home for the hard work it will be doing to keep you comfortable throughout the season. Taking the time to clean, prepare and check that your house is ready for the season can also help to avoid future catastrophes and even cut down on utility bills.

Here are the top ways to winterize your home and get the best protection from damage over the winter months.

Focus on Safety

At all times of the year, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of everything you do in and around the home. Devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide protectors can only sound alarms about danger if the sensors are activated. Make it a point to replace batteries even if they are still working. Check any dates on fire extinguishers to be sure they’re still valid and fix any damaged walkways stairs or other safety hazards around the home.

Clean Up Thoroughly

The change of seasons also presents the perfect opportunity to do a giant clean-up. Start from the outdoors and work your way in. Have trees and bushes trimmed, low hanging branches or dying trees cleared out and schedule a furnace and chimney cleaning and inspection to ensure your home can be heated properly and safely once temperatures drop. While you’re in cleaning mode, don’t forget to also clear the clothes dryer vent and clean the leaves out of your gutters. Each of these systems is used to keep your property safe from damage.

Just taking these simple steps to prepare and protect your home can make the winter a more enjoyable one this year.

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